Specialties to Try

If you are planning a trip to Sweden, don’t miss the chance to taste some of the delicious traditional Swedish cuisine. The Sweden offers unique food ingredients such as herring, the salmon or reindeer meat cooked in traditional dishes really interesting and tasty. If you are planning a short trip or a holiday in Sweden you will certainly have the opportunity to taste some of the country’s typical dishes and pastry.

Culinary specialties to try


Without a doubt, and even if it is not a particular dish, one of the most popular salty foods in Sweden is the smörgåsbord. It is a very varied buffet with more than 40 different dishes: homemade bread, butter, hot and cold dishes prepared with herring, cheese, salmon, Swedish meatballs, sausages, pâté and a myriad of delicious side dishes.

Janssons frestelse

Jansson’s temptation is potato gratin, onions, anchovies and cream. It is usually included in the Swedish Christmas buffet, but can also be eaten on other occasions, such as Easter.


Soup based on barley, milk and potatoes is the typical soup served on Tuesdays, while on Thursdays the Arter med flask, soup with yellow peas and pork is served.

Gravad Lax

Salmon marinated for two days in sugar, salt and dill seeds, served with a side of boiled potatoes and cold sweet mustard sauce.


The Semla focaccia or fastlagsbulle is a dessert that is eaten to interrupt the Lenten fast. It is a soft round bun, spiced with cardamom, filled with whipped cream and almond cream.


Prestigious drink that we recommend is Glögg (made with red wine, sugar and spices that is served hot). While this drink is usually exclusive to Christmas, maybe if you go at another time, the caring locals will make the exception for you.

How To Make Swedish Glogg