Swedish Pastry

A lover of nature, the typical Swede loves his territory and the products it offers: the swedish gastronomy is characterized by robust traditional cuisine, rich in ancient flavors.

Among the most famous dishes are meatballs ( köttbullar ) or fish ( fiskbullar ), Löjrom Lapland caviar and cinnamon desserts. And it is from here that we decided to resume our curious journey to foreign pastry shops by giving you an exquisite roundup of desserts to try rich in taste, aromas and flavors, fragrant and irresistible.

16 desserts you should try

Kanelbullar: irresistible swivels to be enjoyed next to a cup of coffee on Fika Time. These are exquisite rolls whose soft and fragrant dough is made from milk, yeast, butter, flour, sugar and salt; butter, sugar and cinnamon are the basis of the filling. A dessert so appreciated that it has a dedicated day, October 4th.

Toscakaka: delicate cake whose dough based on flour, butter, sugar, yeast and milk is wisely covered with a topping based on almond flakes, caramel and cream. Its soft crunchiness conquers the palate of those lucky enough to taste it.

Butterkaka: that is, cinnamon roll cake with almond paste and vanilla cream. The rolls are joined together to form a wonderful flower-shaped cake, and are served with vanilla and custard.

Havreflarn: tasty oat biscuits with butter cream and chocolate flakes, a caress with a crunchy taste that appeals to both adults and children.

Semlor: is the Swedish winter dessert par excellence whose dough, soft and spicy, is presented in the form of a spiral, as if to draw the softness and depth of taste it gives. It is a cardamom-based dessert, richly stuffed with almond paste and covered with whipped cream. The typical sweet of the holidays, produced between Christmas and Easter, also called the Dolcetto del Mardi Gras.

swedish dessert

Blueberry Yogurt Cake: very light, it is a cake with an incredibly soft texture. Made mainly of yogurt, which gives the dough a certain frothiness, it is rich in blueberry berries, the greedy blue gems of which the Scandinavian territory is rich in the summer months. Yeast, eggs, butter, sugar, milk and vanilla, these are the other ingredients used in the dough.

Rabarberkaka: rhubarb pie, a herbaceous plant that grows wild in Sweden, whose sweet taste of bright green leaves contrasts with the bitter taste of the stems. Scented with cardamom and sprinkled with powdered sugar, it is a simple dessert, with a particular taste, which conquers.


Lussekatter: nice and tasty Swedish S -shaped scones, made with raisins and saffron, are served on the occasion of the feast of Saint Lucia, on December 13th. With an intense and unusual color and taste, due to the large quantity of saffron used, legends tell that they were useful to ward off the devil.

Saffranspannkaka: fabulous baked pancakes whose batter is based on rice, milk, saffron, eggs and almonds. An explosion of taste that delights even more when accompanied by berries and whipped cream.



Kladdkaka: for the greediest, a delicious creation entirely based on chocolate, with a crunchy texture that contains a soft and frothy warm heart with an irresistible flavor. Exceptional if garnished with fruit jam or accompanied by whipped cream.

Prinsesstårta: born in 1948 in Stockholm, it is also known as the famous princess cake. It looks like a rich layered composition composed of sponge cake, whipped cream, vanilla cream, strawberry jam finally covered with a layer of green marzipan.

Chokladbiskvier: delicious biscuits made with almond paste covered with a chocolate topping cooled in the refrigerator. Ideal to accompany a cup of coffee, a very common ritual in Sweden.

Ugnspannkaka: very tasty baked pancake made from ground almonds, often flavored with cinnamon, enriched with seasonal fruits, mainly strawberries or blueberries or dried fruit. Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, it is ideal for breakfast but also for important occasions.

Palsternackskaka: sister of our carrot cake, based on parsnip (winter vegetable similar to carrot), colored, with a characteristic moist consistency, it is characterized by a soft and delicate taste. Scented with cinnamon, ginger and cloves, covered with a glaze of cheese, orange peel and toasted hazelnuts, it becomes absolutely irresistible.

Pepparkakor: ginger biscuits prepared with honey, sugar, flour, butter. Baked in the oven and with bizarre shapes, they are the typical Christmas sweets most appreciated by children.

Ostkaka: Swedes also have their cheesecake, a cheesecake made with milk and rennet. Thin, with a solid consistency and a delicate taste, it is eaten lukewarm, accompanied by forest fruit jams and whipped cream.