How You Can Support Local Businesses and More

Shop Local

Locally owned businesses are better at creating higher-paying jobs for their community members and are more likely to give back to their communities through employee payroll taxes, donations and volunteering. In addition, buying locally reduces energy consumption by reducing the distance food, products and goods travel.

Even if a local business isn’t open, you can support them by purchasing gift cards to be used when they do reopen. You can also support them by writing reviews on social media, which helps amplify their messages and builds trust among consumers.

Support Local Events

Local events are a great way to promote your local business to your target audience. They typically draw a more captive audience than larger, broader events, which increases the number of productive interactions your company has with new customers.

Moreover, local events often help shape the culture of a city by infusing it with elements that distinguish it from other cities and regions. These cultural elements are often reflected in the style, flavors, and nature of local businesses. When people support local events, they support these unique local businesses.

Support Local Vendors

Whether it’s a gift card to the local coffee shop for your favorite barista or a new kitchen set from a locally-owned hardware store, buying from small businesses is a win for both you and the community. Your money stays local when you purchase from these small businesses, and many of them are more likely to offer personalized support experiences.